The primary purpose of the Wooden Wall is to make walls for a man-made shelter, or to expand a currently available shelter.

To place a Wooden wall, a hammer needs to be equipped in either one of the weapon slots and you need to have 3 nails, and 3 wooden planks in your inventory.

Wooden wall have a varying amount of health and a varying texture.

If the carpenter has a low carpentry skill, the wall will appear poorly made and will fall fairly quickly.

However, if the carpenter has a high carpentry skill, the wall will appear to be built more professionally and will withstand far more damage.

Wooden wall

The health of a player-made wall is 200 plus 100 for each skill level of Carpentry the player has when making it.

Walls made by a player with

level 5 carpentry skill have a health of 700.

Walls can be destroyed quickly by a sledgehammer, the wall piece will yield 2 planks.

Walls can be painted.