Water is one of the essential parts in Project Zomboid.

Before the water is shut off water is relatively easy to come by, all houses have some sort of unlimited water source, including the shower, toilet, kitchen sink, and bathroom sink. However the water will be shut off after a few weeks to a few months inside game.

When the water shuts off it will still be possible to gather the remaining water from inside houses, but you will have to find other reliable sources of water.

  • With carpentry skill, one can craft a rain barrel using 4 planks and 4 nails. This water will be tainted. 
  • There are wells far outside of town than can be used as a clean source of water.
  • Water or other forms of drinks can still be looted. This is a clean source of water.
  • Drinking directly from the river is currently considered safe, however gathering the very same river water in any the containers will produce tainted water type. This is possibly an oversight, which can be exploited.
  • A smart method to offset the effect, is to fill all acceptable containers with clean water from house, before the water is shut off.

Tainted water is a type of water which has a chance to cause sickness if directly consumed. In order to clean the tainted water, it needs to be boiled in corresponding container, like bowls, pots or kettles by means of heating it up. The character will never automatically consume tainted water from inventory.

Clean water is a type of water which is safe to drink. The character will automatically consume clean water if its in characters inventory.

Water can be gathered in following containers: bottles, empty whiskey bottles, empty soda bottles, mugs, bowls, empty remoulade containers, empty mayonaise containers, cooking pots and kettles.

Water is also used as part of the recipe to create soup with a full pot, tea/coffee with full kettle, or make ramen out of dry ramen noodles and a full bowl.