These might not be included in the game – they've only been found in the game files.

Hacksaw - Weapon, might cut trees for another new item, 'Logs'. AMPUTATION!

Cigarettes - Might boost your mood, but make you sick.

Bowl - Used to hold soup for multiple people. (ie. Transferring soup from pot to bowl to serve more people)

Manure - Used for the farming the devs talked about

Logs - Used for building stronger walls

Scissors - Cutting things; Getting things opened

Kettle -Used for making warm drinks

Bottled Beverage - Another Food Item

Tablet - Could be used to write things down with a pen or pencil

Empty Can - Could be what a normal can turns into after you use it

Money - Possibly Used to trade with NPCs; Currency

Teddy Bear - Could have as much use as Kate's photo

String/Rope - Tying things together.