Here is the list of the upcoming 1.6 update for Project Zomboid. " It's a biggy but will be well worth it and will not be a 2 month hell hole like 0.1.5a"

  • Save on Quit
  • Multiple map-section support.
  • Completely blank maps possible in sandbox. (No tutorial house hang-ups)
  • Various mapping fixes.
  • Maps can be overridden by mods. Any maps in the mods scripts will override the officials ones first, then any maps in the mods stories directory.
  • A bite will only infect 96% of the time. Pretty much always, in practice, but just to give you that bit of doubt when you've been bitten (or ultimately if NPCs are bitten)
  • Fixed error where you wouldn't hit targets when they were dead centre in your facing direction. (Melee much improved)
  • Many NPC improvements.
  • Fixed temperature related stacking issue.