• Weapon overhaull (more things in the info post will come).
  • Multiple text lines editor.
  • You can now write a note and read them (more of a multiplayer thing), you can lock them so they'll be editable only by you.
  • Semi-3D Sound ! Sound will now go left to right, fade away, etc..
  • Burn zombie corpses ! It'll need some petrol and a lighter/matches.
  • Windows can now perma lock if you try to open them for too long.
  • Bandages will now be removed after a certain amount of time.
  • Disabled the corpse decay.
  • Added experimental population management: after an area is abandoned by the player, new zombies will migraite slowly from this point. I'll need feedback on it. 
  • [MP] Added experimental loot respawn, you have to setup the serverOption "HoursForLootRespawn", if you set it as 48, it mean the zone will have to be unseen for 48 in game hour before loot respawning, same as zombies respawn, I'd LOVE to have feedback on it 
  • I'm also working on (idk if it'll be done for this build tho..) the ability to paint letters/text on wall.
  • New crafting : Bookcase, shelves, bed...
  • Map fixes (no more falling through Mall stairs, etc...).
  • Weapon upgrades (fully moddable), they'll come alone at the gunstore, or directly mounted on some weapons, you need a screwdriver to put them in/out.
  • Firearm need to be held with 2 hands (except pistol).
  • [MP] You will be now instant disconnect if trying to join a server with a different build version than yours.
  • Added paintable signs (skull, arrows..) over wall or post sign (new crafting) for every in game painting color (you need a paint brushe and the color you want).
  • Zombeis who die by fire will now continue to burn/spread fire after their death.
  • [MP] If you have a dice you can now do /roll 6 (number up to 100) to roll a random number, this will be shown to every near players. Picture
  • [MP] If you have a card deck you can now do /card to draw a random card, this will be shown to every near players. Picture
  • The zombie migration have also a server option : HoursForZombiesRespawn, same as the one for loot respawn.
  • [MP] Chat is now locally logged : you can press up or down while in the chat text entry to review your last entered message (saving the 20 last messages), then you can enter them again or modify them.
  • Some new items :
    • Thread
    • Needle
    • Tarp
    • ...
  • Tent will now require a tarp (instead of the sheets) to be crafted.
  • You can now craft a mattress with some sheet, pillow, thread and a needle.


  • Fixed some incorrect map zone.
  • Fixed some incorrect loot distribution.
  • Fixed tent/campfire couldn't be build on tall grass.
  • Fixed some world filler.


  • Increased the difficulty to open windows when you're not strong.
  • Increase a bit the spawn of twine (specially inside the sewing shop)