Sheet ropes allow you to escape (or enter) overrun multi-level buildings.


They can be crafted by right-clicking a sheet and selecting "craft sheet rope". Two sheet ropes are required per story, for example putting a sheet rope out of a window on a two story building requires two sheet ropes. The player can interact with the sheet rope by right-clicking on a window (that does not have a sheet covering it) and can either remove the sheet rope or climb up/down depending on what your position is.


  • Zombies cannot climb sheet ropes but will cluster around the bottom of one if they spot you climbing down. This can make climbing quite dangerous.
  • If the lower level of a building is an outcrop of that of the second story, the sheet rope will make you go through the lower levels roof and into that building, useful for getting around a big place quickly but useless as saving you if your building is overrun.


  • Sheet ropes can be used even if the window is closed thereby transporting you through the window.