Zomboid prof

Professions & Traits

In Sandbox Mode, players must choose a job their character worked before the zombie apocalypse.

Each profession has its' own advantages and unlike traits, professions do not have negative impacts on the player and do not need to be balanced out.

Current choicesEdit

  • Police Officer - Marksman - Increased accuracy with firearms and decreased reload speed
  • Fire Officer - Axeman - Increased swing rate with axe equipped and decreased time needed to break down doors with an axe
  • Security Guard - Night Owl - Player needs to sleep less often and increased awareness while sleeping
  • Construction Worker
    • Thick Skinned - Reduced chance of being scratched or bitten by a zombie attack
    • Handy - Decreased time needed to barricade doors and windows
  • Park Ranger - Outdoorsman - Reduced effects from weather and increased orienteering ability
  • Unemployed - no perk

Possible future choicesEdit

Military soldier, Military officer, Sales person, IT worker, Office worker, Truck driver, Farmer, Cashier, Shop clerk, Fast food cook, Cook, Chef, Burglar, Drug dealer, Nurse, Doctor, Waiter, Customer service, Janitor, Book keeper, Accountant, Teacher