Fire is status effect for game entities that damages them over time.

Catching on fire Edit

Fires are started by:

  • Throwing a Molotov cocktail
  • Burning food in heat source (eg. oven)
  • Zombies that walk in fire will spread the fire. This includes zombies walking into fireplaces.

Players have high chance of catching on fire when standing in fire. Zombies have 100% chance to catch on fire.

Fire damage to characters Edit

Standing on fire deals damage to characters and has a chance (in chance of zombies 100%) to put character on fire. Characters that are on fire are not affected by standing in fire. They take no damage from surrounding fire, only from their "on fire" status effect.

Being on fire causes players and zombies to take damage over time. Zombies take 20 times less damage, often lasting many days still ablaze.

Extinguishing fire Edit

Currently, fire on tiles cannot be extinguished. Zombies will also never stop burning.

Player will extinguish fire after random amount of time. Running increases chances of extinguishing more than two times. Rain has no effect on fire.