"Press B to open the crafting menu"

Crafting or building items is a fundamental feature in Project Zomboid. Anything from weapons, food, traps, or simply a plank of wood nailed to a door, can be created to help one's character stay alive longer. Virtually hundreds of such items will be available to the player. Using the crafting panel found at the bottom of the inventory, one can combine or dismantle items found anywhere in the gaming environment to craft newer and more useful items. As a player character's various crafting skills increase, or more useful tools and equipment for crafting are made available, one will be awarded access to more complicated crafting recipes.

Weapons As with most zombie video games, weapons are an integral asset dictating one's very survival. Project Zomboid additionally grants the player the capability of crafting a customized arsenal of zombie destroying mayhem.

Each weapon has a range of characteristics. Melee weapons, for example, will have differing ranges, swing arcs, min/max damage thresholds, weights, and resistances. These characteristics differ one's weapon choice wildly in application and effectiveness. A Hammer, though cumbersome and awkward, may be great idea for crushing the head of one zombie, however, this may prove ineffective against a larger group of masticating enemies. A baseball bat, on the other hand, is much lighter and quite effective at keeping zombies at bay, for a time.

By combining some weapons, such as the bat, with other items, you can alter its attributes. Hammering nine-inch nails through a baseball bat will increase its damage potential, but will reduce its ability to knock back zombies. Where as using a hacksaw on a shotgun’s barrel will improve its close-range capabilities, lower its weight, but will reduce its range. Below is a list of the current craftable items, modifications, and its requirements:

  • Throwable bottle on impact creates fire.


While you can always eat cold raw food at a pinch, health, morale and a sense of normality are important when the undead are shuffling outside your door. In Project Zomboid, you can use your crafting skills to create a culinary treat to help keep up the spirits of you and your companions, which may help avoid any inconvenient mental collapses.You can press "B" and press "Food" and then you can carft the food like sandwich,hamburgur..etc..

Name Ingredients


Pot of soup

Can Opener, Canned soup, Cooking Pot

Hunger -40

Open Can of Tuna

Can Opener, Can of Tuna

Hunger -40

Bowl of Beans Can Opener

Can of Beans

Hunger -30

Defensive ObstaclesEdit

Some planks of wood and a few nails could be the thin line between safety and being zombie food. Pushing furniture against the door may give you the additional time you need to jump out the bathroom window and leg it to safety.

Name Ingredients Uses
Barricade Hammer, Nails, Wooden Plank

Toughen up Windows and Doors.

Wall Barricade Hammer, Nails x2, Wooden Plank x2 A full tile barricade
Door Nails , Hinges, Doorknob, Wooden Plank

Acts the same as any other door, but can be placed in desired location


There are craftable items in game that can aid in your survival but arent necessarily defensive but either offer an extra point of survivability or comfort.

Name Ingredients Uses
Table (Small) Wooden Plank x5, Nails x4 Purely decorative.
Table (Large) Wooden Plank x6, Nails x4 Purely decorative.
Table with drawer Carpentry Lv1, Wooden Plank x5, Nails x4, Drawer Can be used to store items.
Wooden Chair Wooden Plank x5, Nails x4 Can be used to sleep.
Rain Collecter Barrel (Small) Carpentry Lv2, Hammer , Nails x4 Wooden Plank x2, Garbage Bag x4 Collects rain water.
Rain Collector Barrel (Big)

Carpentry Lv4, Hammer , Nails x4 Wooden Plank x2, Garbage Bag x4

Collects rain water.


Name Ingredients Uses
Ripped sheet (x8) Bed sheet Can be used for bandaging or for a Molotov Cocktail