Seeing as Project Zomboid is a fairly new game, it has a few bugs.

Here is a list of bugs that anyone can edit.


Bug Fixed?

There is a bug that when you pause game while crafting

it enables crafting multiple items with only one of each item



There is a bug that makes it so zombie attack each other,

but you take the damage.


There is a bug that can crash your game after you die 

or exit to the menu, exiting the whole program but

it still saves your game


If you pick up an item with multiple stacks in a container, walk away with it still "picked up" it will let you keep that stack and also leave the stack in the container so you end up with twice as many. (note for anyone thats trying to do or fix this) -Was able to get repeated results from the closet you take the sheet from in the tutorial to stop kate's bleeding but havent tried anywhere else yet.

if you climb through a window with a counter in front of it you may get stuck with in the counter. this can be fixed by smashing the window and climing out of it again.

When you open your game and resume your saved game, your backpack doesnt work and you cant get anything out of it.

When you sleep at any time of the day, on any stage of the sleep moodle, the infinite sleep bug occurs, leaving you to die of hunger after 3 days. The save must be deleted as it then becomes a black screen, but the music still plays.

There is a bug that when you sometimes load up a save you cannot use any ovens in the save file makeing you eat uncooked food or all of your stocked non-perishables.